Certain conditions have to be fullfilled before comencement of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

1) The surface to be measured have to be clean, free of scales, barnacles, flakes of rust etc..

2) At measurements in tanks, forced ventilation for min. 24 hours is mandatory. Hereafter measurements and verification of oxygen and poisonous gas levels (O2, CO, H2S, LEL). Tanks have to be clean and free of liquid (oil, water, chemicals), mud, flakes of rust and residuals of any kind. Acces ways have to be free regarding ladders and stairs. When working aloft, scaffolding have to be in place to secure safe work.

3) Sufficient and safe light source in tanks have to be available.

4) Ships drawings: Shell expansions and other relevant technical drawings showing frame numbers, water tight bulkheads, for- and afterpeaks, stiffeneres, hatches and plating. Drawing should show original thickness for reference. Drawing shall be given well in advance for preparation af the job. A good preparation saves time.

5) The extend of the “scope of work” has to be agreed in writing before comencement.

6) A “pre-job safety meeting” is to be held between Svendborg Measurement Service and Surveyor (or other responsible person in charge if measurement is beyond interest of the classification society).

Svendborg Measurement Service always work under the code: Safety First.

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