WHat is it?

The theory of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is a non-destructive testing method used for determing the thickness of a solid part, typically made of steel and/or metal alloys, when talking ultrasonic gauging in the ship- and offshore industry. The method is based on the time it takes a sound wave to reflect to the surface. For this type of measurement, a ultrasonic thickness gauge is used. 

Ultrasonic sound waves is known to travel through steel and metals with a constant speed corrosponding to the actual caracteristica of the material with some variations depending on for example the temperature. Given this information, the distance of the sound wave can be calculated.

The Ultrasonic sound wave is created in the pietzo-electric element, which is build into the dual head (sending/receiving- head) and its the same element receiving the reflecting sound wave.

Ultrasonic Thicness Measurement in practise

The use of ultrasonic sound is a safe way to determine the thickness (and hereby eventually thickness reduction) of steel- and metal alloys, typically caused by corrosion over time, due to unprotected surface, lack of zinck anodes, cavitation, turbulens etc.

The Ultasonic Thickness gauge measures through paint and coating. harmfull grinding is therefore not necessary.

What can be measured?

All steel types, all metals and alloys, nylon (polyamid), acrylic og epoxy resin.

How to benefit from thickness measurements

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements of constructions and equipment has increased over years, as a growing demand from the classification societies. This is to ensure our health, safety and environment. Maintaining a high standard regarding repairs and scheduled maintenance is of the most importance. By use of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements the location and extend of wear can be determined and then repaired accordingly.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement gives a good indication of the construction condition. A very important information for owners, surveyors and repair yards to get a clear picture over the extend of the planned maintenance.

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